Two Mobb Deeps In New York?

The extensive New York Knicks bench gets a new name courtesy of Iman Shumpert and one of the greatest Hip-Hop duos in Rap history. Check out an excerpt from an article posted on ESPN:

That’s why the Knicks’ community has been going with “Mob Deep” as the nickname for the bench. It’s a play on the Queens-based hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, featuring rappers Prodigy and Havoc, which became one of the most critically-acclaimed in the country in the 1990s.

The nickname was born on March 1 after Iman Shumpert, another big piece of the Knicks’ bench, told fans on his Twitter account that he was searching for something new to call the second unit. He wrote, “Ok I’ll think of a new since the Bulls have @benchmob.” Almost immediately, a fan replied with “@I_Am_Iman how about #mobbdeep,” and the rookie retweeted it to his 70,000-plus followers at the time (as of Tuesday afternoon, he had more than 78,000).

Check out the full article here:


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