Legendary AZ Speaks On Eminem’s “Infinite” Album Influence & Competition With Biggie

AZ is still the only emcee to ever have spawned a contract deal with a major label from simply one verse – the historic first verse on “Life’s A Bitch”. He’s remained relevant in a culture notorious for its short attention span for seventeen years by compiling a catalog of 9 albums (his latest, {Do Or Die II} is on its way). The Brooklynite is a surefire Hall-Of-Famer with a unique style of delivery said to have inspired another legend in the game, Eminem.

Check out this excerpt from an article posted by HipHopDX discussing, among other things, his influence on Slim Shady:

For anyone still wondering over a decade later what the man Eminem can be heard emulating on the title-track to his 1996 independent debut, Infinite, thinks of the inspiration he provided to the pre-Slim Shady superstar-to-be, that curiosity can finally be quelled.

“Oh wow, nah, I never peeped that, where that’s at?,” replied AZ when asked by HipHopDX on Tuesday (March 27th) if he has ever heard “Infinite.”

Eminem’s monotone and multisyllabic delivery over the Jazz-tinged track for “Infinite” drew its inspiration from AZ’s lyrical exercise “Rather Unique” from The Visualiza’s classic debut album, 1995’sDoe Or Die.

“I know I read something in Vibe where he said that AZ and Nas influenced him,” added Sosa. “And that was a good look. I appreciate that a whole lot.”

“Actually, I’m trying to get some production from him now as well,” he further revealed after being asked if he and Em had ever interacted with one another. “We’ve bumped heads. We have shook hands and saw each other before, but we never really politicked. Yeah, but I definitely need that production from him.”

Click here for the entire article posted on HipHopDX: http://bit.ly/GYajsI


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