Snoop Dogg Set To Release “Rolling Words: A Smokeable Songbook”

Snoop Dogg is introducing an all-new way to get in-tune with his music.

Rolling Words, Snoop’s newest book release in collaboration with Pereira & O’Dell, is not only a collection of some of The Dogfather’s greatest lyrics, but also a fully functioning one-stop shop for smoker enthusiasts.

The book, which is composed of hemp-related materials, features rolling papers as pages and a striking strip on its spine for lighting matches.

And for those of you wondering, the ink used to pen Snoop’s lyrics are fully non-toxic!

Of the collaboration, strategic brand director Nick Adler said, “Honestly, we were kind of blown away.” Pun intended? “It’s a fantastic brand extension for us, and totally captures the vibe and sprit of Snoop and our platform.”

— Props to Global Grind for sharing the news. Peep game here:


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