AZ – We Movin’

we movin-cover

You would think a legend never gets slept-on. But, that’s exactly what has happened with Sosa, a.k.a. AZ. You won’t hear his name brought up in many cyphas these days. But, the fact remains. He’s one of the smoothest, craftiest wordsmiths the game has ever seen.

In We Movin’, the cutting edge lyricist reminds us exactly why he was the first emcee to ever get signed off a single verse (Life’s A Bitch). Production credits due to the equally respectable mastermind behind the beat, producer and CEO of Showoff Records, Statik Selektah, who lays down a classy, expressive backdrop to anchor the weight of AZ’s sizzling lyricism and storytelling.  It’s the kind of track you could bump ten times in a row without tiring. 

It’s just way too hard to find technical gems like these nowadays. Enjoy the quality.


“…Check the resume, fuck what a record say, only a few certified could really rep this way…”

“Son of a snorter, my ora is Theodora, extorting could lead to slaughter, a quarter, it’s deeper waters…”

“Reckless endangerment, necklace insane as shit, give her no dick, that’s how you really restrain a chick, I’m the Hussein of this phat foolish fugaziness, fairy tale spittin’ that others claim niggas crazy with…”

“…I’m too ahead of my time to be a has-been…”


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