Loaded Lux ft. Redman & Method Man – Rite (Remix)

Loaded Lux Ft Method Man & Redman - Rite (Remix)

I guarantee you’re gonna have a back-and-forth with your boys on who has the best verse on this one. All three veterans tear it up here. It has that old school, Hip-Hop in the park feel. Bang this one now.


“…Bad news for niggas with rap moves, the facts prove I’m way up in the stat pool, if cash rules the bread good then you fast food,  thought I left, but I write on ’em like tattoos…”

“…I’m that dirty, so tell the rap jury, that tennis the only way a nigga gon’ serve me, my black mac Bernie, I even mack Suri, I’m killin’ the mic like Conrad Murray…”

“Lux I’m loaded bout ready to spit a verse, On haters I unload and be ready to get his hearse, I’m bout to serve em notice if Harlem don’t get ’em first, send ’em down to unemployment ’cause homey gon’ get this work…”


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