Will & Jaden Smith Perform on the Graham Norton Show

This was a real treat to watch. Will and Jaden Smith visited the Graham Norton Show to advertise their latest blockbuster film, After Earth. They go on to perform a medley of classic songs and even bring out some surprise guests!

This is the Hip-Hop culture at its finest.


Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock) – U.O.E.N.O.

Do I even have to explain why you should listen to anything Kendrick Lamar is featured on these days?

Thought so!

His crew – Black Hippy – straight dope. You ain’t even know it!

“I fucked up the rap game and you ain’t even know it!” 

“Stuck in a rock and a hard place, Eminem, Pac, and where God stay, Timberland’s pop that jaw bone, And bitch nigga tell me how that tar taste, and even Tarzan can get swung on…”

The Round Up: French Montana

French Montana chops it up with Shaheem Reid to discuss his early life in the Bronx including run-in’s with the legendary Big Pun and Fat Joe, his entry into the game via his Cocaine City DVD’s, and his debut album, Excuse My French. You get a feel for the man behind some of the biggest hits in the game right now.

Loaded Lux ft. Redman & Method Man – Rite (Remix)

Loaded Lux Ft Method Man & Redman - Rite (Remix)

I guarantee you’re gonna have a back-and-forth with your boys on who has the best verse on this one. All three veterans tear it up here. It has that old school, Hip-Hop in the park feel. Bang this one now.


“…Bad news for niggas with rap moves, the facts prove I’m way up in the stat pool, if cash rules the bread good then you fast food,  thought I left, but I write on ’em like tattoos…”

“…I’m that dirty, so tell the rap jury, that tennis the only way a nigga gon’ serve me, my black mac Bernie, I even mack Suri, I’m killin’ the mic like Conrad Murray…”

“Lux I’m loaded bout ready to spit a verse, On haters I unload and be ready to get his hearse, I’m bout to serve em notice if Harlem don’t get ’em first, send ’em down to unemployment ’cause homey gon’ get this work…”

AZ – We Movin’

we movin-cover

You would think a legend never gets slept-on. But, that’s exactly what has happened with Sosa, a.k.a. AZ. You won’t hear his name brought up in many cyphas these days. But, the fact remains. He’s one of the smoothest, craftiest wordsmiths the game has ever seen.

In We Movin’, the cutting edge lyricist reminds us exactly why he was the first emcee to ever get signed off a single verse (Life’s A Bitch). Production credits due to the equally respectable mastermind behind the beat, producer and CEO of Showoff Records, Statik Selektah, who lays down a classy, expressive backdrop to anchor the weight of AZ’s sizzling lyricism and storytelling.  It’s the kind of track you could bump ten times in a row without tiring. 

It’s just way too hard to find technical gems like these nowadays. Enjoy the quality.


“…Check the resume, fuck what a record say, only a few certified could really rep this way…”

“Son of a snorter, my ora is Theodora, extorting could lead to slaughter, a quarter, it’s deeper waters…”

“Reckless endangerment, necklace insane as shit, give her no dick, that’s how you really restrain a chick, I’m the Hussein of this phat foolish fugaziness, fairy tale spittin’ that others claim niggas crazy with…”

“…I’m too ahead of my time to be a has-been…”

Math Hoffa vs. John John Da Don

Hoffa needs to slow it down with all these battles. Dude running himself into the ground. Is this his fourth this year? I don’t think he won one. And John John hasn’t entertained me since his classic with Hitman Holla at Summer Madness. Who told Smack to set this one up? Either way, peep game and let me know who you think won.

Hip-Hop Power Rankings: Top 5

The Hip Hop music industry is one of the only genres that willingly and inherently competes with itself. From the beginning with rival DJ’s scratching records in the park, to emcees battling on the mic, the game has been cultivated and mastered on a very competitive nature. It is almost like a professional sport. Till this day we want our artists to show and prove why they’re the best of their contemporaries. The NBA, closely associated with Hip-Hop culture, has built itself the same way: the cream always rises to the top, and a high tide floats all boats. The greater the players are, the more attention they garner to the league.

If we were to rank the top 5 NBA players, there would definitely be some differing opinions involved, but overall, I believe a consensus could be reached as to who they are. For example, the top 5 toward the end of the 2013 regular season.

In that time we have found out LBJ was almost the first unanimous MVP in league history. So, he’s #1 without much debate. #2 is a toss up between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant. Sure, Durant has had more playoff success in less service time. However, Carmelo’s team in New York does not have another bonafide top 10 guy. Kevin Durant has Russell Westbrook. His impact was made clear as OKC fell to Memphis in the wake of his untimely injury. However, individually, Durant is the previous three-year scoring champ before letting up on this year’s title. Durant’s consistency lands him at #2. Melo solidifies the 3rd spot.

Now, the #4 spot, under even more scrutiny and debate, goes to Chris Paul. As the best floor general in the game today, Paul is a leader by example as well as with his voice. He’s led a charge of young and talented players to steal the spotlight away from the storied Lakers franchise.

Towards the end of the season, we saw Dwight Howard struggle, Kobe Bryant go down, Stephen Curry heat up, and Chicago and Boston agonize without their best players. Honorable mentions out of the way, #5 I’ve decided is Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies. What he’s meant to the team this season is MVP personified; best skilled big man in the game and a great team defender.

That said, lets start the Hip-Hop list, as of the end of the NBA regular season in descending order from 5-1.

#5: Rick Ross: Reluctantly I placed him here, just because of what he’s responsible for: Meek Mill’s break out year, Wale and Omarion’s revival, every DJ Khaled track, etc. I also felt this comparison to Marc Gasol worked since he’s on the list only because Dwight Howard(Lil Wayne) had such a down year.

#4: Kanye West. His comparison is Chris Paul. Their career arcs don’t mirror each other much, but their skills in the game are very similar. Kanye does it all. Mr.”Triple-double, no assist”. He produces and raps with the best of them in both fields. He’s also established G.O.O.D. Music as a force to be reckoned with in the game. Pusha T, Big Sean, and Common are all under his leadership and guidance right now and the game is all the better for it.

#3: 2 Chainz. Like Melo, he’s switched teams and coasts and made a new name for himself. Same style as before, but you could say the difference between 2 chainz and TT boy reflects the change in Carmelo’s game. He’s stopped being mostly a team player and began to take a leadership role in the business.

#2: Drake. Like Kevin Durant, he’s virtually unstoppable. No matter how much you try to hate or criticize him, he keeps coming with bucket after bucket. Playing with a superstar in his own right, Drake has now replaced Lil Wayne as Young Money’s go-to artist.

#1: Kendrick Lamar. Lebron James of the game right now hands down. Lebron has played 10 years. Kendrick, not so much. His time behind the mic, though brief on the main stage, is not small in stature. His versatility and consistency are what make him the king at the moment. With the bonafide classic he dropped last year symbolizing his first “ring”, the sky is now the limit for this ‘good kid’.

By: Christopher “Kellz” Kelly

Math Hoffa Vs T-Rex – The Rematch (Promo)

Math Hoffa & T-Rex face off in promotion of their upcoming rematch on May 11th. There’s so much history between these two and their crews. I expect a lot of personals in this upcoming bout.

Hoffa claims he crushed Rex in the 3rd round of their first battle. Rex claims no one remembers anything Hoffa said in the first two rounds. Who you think won? Who do you think will win this time around?

In case you missed the first encounter, here it is: