Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Review

“Roman Holiday” introduces listeners to Minaj’s sequel to Pink Friday. It’s Minaj at her best and worst at the same time, a polarizing bouncy track equipped with vocal impersonations sure to keep her fans thoroughly entertained and her naysayers clutching at their opinions a little tighter. But, neither side can make a case against her originality.

“Come On A Cone” sports a boring beat and a boring flow from Nicki as she comically sings “Dick In Yo’ Face” repeatedly – quite frankly the highlight of the track.

“I Am Your Leader” features guest appearances from Rick Ross and Cam’Ron. There’s nothing special about the track, not the beat, not the verses. Nothing.

“Beez In The Trap” with 2 Chainz is more of the same – a subpar lyrical performance and a teenager’s attitude for a chorus.

Note: I’m bored as shit listening to the album at this point. I’m waiting for some talent to showcase itself instead of these insults to my intelligence and time.

“HOV Lane” still doesn’t do anything to entertain me. The beat is simplistic and her hashtag, Tourette’s Syndrome flow manages to be utterly forgettable. I guess she’s earning points for consistency at this point.

“Roman Reloaded” has a catchy hook and some harder punchlines. Lil Wayne stops by for some humorous metaphors of his own and finally, we have something I could bop my head to and sing along with. “Bang, B-B-Bang, Bang, Bang.” 

“Champion” hits on a deeper note with an airy production and heartfelt lyrical composition from Minaj, Drake, Young Jeezy, and Nas. A dope track for sure.

“Right By My Side” is surefire Hip-Pop at its finest with R&B prince Chris Brown. It’s a radio friendly sentimental love track as only Nicki can compose.

“Sex In The Lounge”, a lustful track featuring Bobby V and a second appearance from Weezy is a pretty bland track even though there’s some intense sexual advances in the lyrics.

“Starships” is Nicki’s pop dance track – a fun, catchy, party anthem sure to bang in the clubs and dance halls. Don’t listen if you’re looking for lyrics and swagger. It’s a feel good track and it does its job efficiently.

“Pound The Alarm” follows suit perfectly with the previous track as another dance hall offering. I can see a lot of drunk college kids jumping around to this track, too.

“Whip It” is poppy, romantic, house music; a little on the overkill side for Hip-Hop fans.

“Automatic” continues Nicki’s venture into dance club music.

“Beautiful Sinner” is actually a hot dance track. The beat is energizing and Nicki’s auto-tune is catchy. She does a good job of capturing the sexual chemistry between lovers who are actually no good for one another.

“Marilyn Monroe” sees Nicki liken herself to the legendary sex kitten. The beat is well-bodied with an eclectic coupling of sounds to which Minaj smoothly rides over. Good shit here.

“Young Forever” is a full-fledged love song with a good performance from Nicki over a solid production.

“Fire Burns” is Nicki standing her ground against an unfaithful lover. Her songwriting here is strong and the beat is pretty fresh.

“Gun Shot” features Reggae king Beenie Man is a cohesive mix with the last batch of love songs. Nicki’s still singing but still sounding very good over the light production.

“Stupid Hoe” is Nicki giving the dance tracks the sudden cold shoulder. She’s as obnoxious as ever on this track, just as the name suggests. But, since she’s getting at Lil Kim with it then it works. It’s a juvenile offering but entertaining nonetheless.

“Turn Me On” picks Nicki’s dancing shoes right back up. You can’t penalize her for making this type of music as it’s the popular wave right now.

“Va Va Voom” and “Masquerade” is more of the same. She’s singing her heart out and riding over pop beats with harmonizing efficiency.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is Nicki Minaj at her most Pop Iconic. The character, attitude, irreverence, and swag are all loaded in abundance on this album and it’s obvious she has become something more than an just an emcee, she’s an entertainer. Her talent stretches far and wide into realms of music outside of Hip-Hop as she stage dives head-first into Pop and Dance platforms then back into her own brand of hashtag, A.D.D. Rap. Sure, the cohesion on the album is pretty spotty at times but she’s determined to wow audiences of all genres, not just that in which originally made her famous. She sings, raps, screams, and downright entertains in her own unique fashion on her own unique terms. And that will always be a respectable asset for any artist to maintain.



Wiz Khalifa ft. 2 Chainz – It’s Nothin’

Khalifa teams up with 2 Chainz for “It’s Nothin”, a swagged out track full of bragging and schmoozing. It’s definitely worth a listen.

“Stackin’ cheese till my bread right, Smokin’ trees till my head right, Did it all on my own so, I’ma spend all my bread like…It’s nothin'”