David Banner Interviews With VladTV About Trayvon Martin

The famed rapper details his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case, the impact on our culture and what he thinks should result from the incident.

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Russell Simmons Says A Prayer For Trayvon Martin

Justice is not enough for Trayvon Martin.

Yes, justice is what we all want for Trayvon.

Justice is what he and his family deserve.

And justice is what I’m confident that they will one day receive, hopefully in the not too distant future.

But no, justice alone is not nearly enough for Trayvon.

If his senseless death can somehow lead to anything of lasting value, it will only be an awakening to a much larger truth.

And that is that we are ALL connected.

President Obama touched on this truth when he said that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon. But if we are to learn anything from these past weeks, we must wipe off our collective lenses and see the larger truth as well: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich’s sons all look like Trayvon too. This is because no matter what color our skin, no matter whether or not we wear a hoodie, no matter who we fall in love with, or even what gender we are, at the end of every day, we are ALL the same.

Not 50 percent the same, 75 percent the same, or even 90 percent the same. No, we are all 100 percent the same. From Trayvon Martin to George Zimmerman to Barack Obama to me to you, there is not one degree of difference between us. We are all just little drops of water tossing around in the same big ocean of God.

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Piers Morgan vs. Toure: The Heated Debate

CNN’s Piers Morgan interviewed Robert Zimmerman Thursday, the brother of George Zimmerman who shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, sparking intense criticism from American novelist and cultural critic Touré.

— Examiner.com

Beyonce Post-Baby Body Brings Problems

The controversy over whether or not Beyonce Knowles’ pregnancy was falsified rages on as she continues to baffle folks with her post-childbirth body. She appears to be just as shapely and toned as ever, a mystery to many in the public who have been keeping a close eye on Jay-Z’s wife. Check out an excerpt and pictures from an article posted on Popular Critic:

Beyonce Knowles’ post-baby body is looking as good and as toned prior toBlue Ivy Carter’s arrival two months ago sparking further questions about the legitimacy of Bey’s pregnancy.

The “Halo “ singer made her smoking body debut a month after bringing she and Jay-Z’s little girl home in a red snatched dress, but her outing in Manhattan yesterday had the blogosphere asking how did she get her pre-Blue Ivy body back so soon, enticing rumors (again) that a surrogate was used to actually carry the Carter’s child.

Obama Speaks On Trayvon Martin

When the Commander-in-chief takes time to address a particular situation, you know it’s a major deal. Props to everyone who campaigned, marched, blogged, and disputed the case of innocent Trayvon Martin. Condolences to his family. Here’s Obama’s speech on the dearly departed Martin.

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