Lupe Says “No More Mixtapes”

Last night, Fiasco was performing his show in Portland when he decided to treat the fans to a little surprise monologue. Luckily for us, one of them recorded it. Check out the live footage.


T.I. & B.O.B. Perform “On Top Of The World” At SXSW

B.O.B. assists T.I. on the originally Ludacris featured “On Top Of The World” track featured on TIP’s {Paper Trail} album.

Katy Perry Covers “N!ggas In Paris”

You just have to love Katy Perry. She’s down to earth and open-minded enough to collaborate with Kanye West on “Extraterrestrial” and even perform her own rendition of the Throne’s neck-breaking smash single, “N!ggas In Paris” at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Check it out.

“This is about to get real embarrassing.”